Low Back Pain Ayurvedic Treatment

Low Back pain is very common problem seen in ayurveda panchkarma and gynaecological clinic. Male and Female both suffer this problem. Low back pain is not a disease, it is a symptom found with many disease. At shanti ayurveda clinic available best ayurvedic treatment for Low back Pain. We give you permanent solution for Low back Pain by ayurvedic medicine and panchkarma therapy.

Causes of Low Back pain

Mostly Low Back pain caused due to spinal related problem, But some other problems are also cause low back pain.

Spondylosis or Spondylolisthesis

  1. Traumatic injuries
  2. Lumbar disc prolapsed
  3. Ankylosing spondylitis
  4. Degenerative disc disease
  5. Soft tissue Rheumatism
  6. Poor posture
  7. Prolonged sitting or standing
  8. During pregnancy- Due to stretching of pelvic ligaments
  9. Gynecological cause- Endometriosis, During menstruation, Pelvic Inflammatory disease
  10. Urological cause- Prostatitis, disease of kidney, stone
  11. Sciatica
  12. Psychological cause
  13. Excessive strain
  14. Osteoporosis
  15. Hereditary

Cause of Low Back pain According to Ayurveda

In ayurveda Low Back pain cause due to Vitiated of vata dosha and asthi dhatu kshaya. Due to faulty diet and life style vitiated vata dosh travel throughout the body and accumulate in the low back area and cause low back pain. At shanti ayurveda clinic we focuss on the balance of doshas and resolve the asthi dhatu kshaya we give panchkarma therapy and ayurvedic medicine in low Back pain.

Types of Low Back Pain

  1. Local pain
  2. Referred pain
  3. Spinal pain
  4. Radicular pain (Involvement of nerve root)
  5. Muscular pain due to spasm

Low back Pain Ayurvedic Treatment

In Ayurveda Low Back Pain is correlate with Katishola and katigraha which caused by vitiated of vata dosha. Ayurveda panchkarma therapy such as Nirhubasti ,Anuvasanbasti, Katibasti,Tiktaksheerbasti, Snehan,Swadan and internal ayurvedic medicine is the natural way to cure the Low Back Pain. At shanti ayurveda clinic our ayurveda expert doctor treat low back pain with panchkarma and ayurvedic herb and show significant result in low back pain. 

Panchkarma Therapy in Low Back pain

  1. Nirhu basti – Administration of medicated decoction empty stomach in form of enema called Nirhu basti. Nirhu basti normalized the vata dosha and help in reducing the low back pain.
  2. Anuvasan basti – Anuvasan basti is a oil based enema.Anuvasan basti give best result in low back pain.
  3. Katibasti – Warm ayurvedic medicine prepared oil is retained at the back area with the help of specific formed frame. Kati basti improve the blood supply and provide lubricant on the back.
  4. Tikta-ksheer Bast – Tikta-ksheer basti very effective in asthi-majjagata vata.Ksheer use as basti drava with tikta rasa drava. We show the miracle result of ksheer basti in low back pain.
  5. Snehana – Massages of medicated oil to the body externally for 7 days.
  6. Nadi swedan – Nadi swedan is a type of swadan.Nadi swadan give resent releve in low back pain.

If you are suffering with low back pain, Arthritis, Disc bulge, Disc prolapsed, Spondylosis or any other Spinal problem shanti ayurveda give you complete solution by ayurveda treatment without surgery. Low back pain best ayurvedic treatment  in greater noida. Our expert is always available for ayurvedic panckarma therapy and ayurveda medicine.

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I am very satisfied with the treatment. Dr Ashok Tomar is very humble. I visited this clinic for Fistula treatment, which I was suffering from for the last 6 years. I came here in April 22 and now I am completely healed. Thanks to Dr Tomar and all staff members.

Ranjeet Tiwari

It was an satisfactory experience with Dr. Ashok Tomar treatment. Although it took some time still the treatment is absolutely fine . I’m much relaxed now. the staff at clinic is also great supporting and caring. Thanks to doctor Ashok Tomar and special thanks to the staff.

Manish Mazumdar

I was suffering from piles for a really long time and I had tried everything to get rid of this. I was feeling really helpless after taking treatment from Dr Ashok Tomar. I feel a lot better now and my bowel movement has become smooth.


I had tried for about two years to conceive with my husband without success. After seeing Dr. Ashok I conceived just after 3 months.

Kanchan Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

One can hardly doubt Dr. SK Singh's brilliance in his field. He is super experienced and highly skilled. My treatment, though long, was completely successful. Thats is the most important thing. The treatment might feel a little over the top if you are on a budget. There is certainly improvement needed at the staff level- especially at the billing and appointment counter. All in all if you have a (such) problem, Dr. Tomar has the treatment.


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