Endometriosis Ayurvedic Treatment

Best ayurvedic treatment for endometriosis at Shanti ayurveda clinic in greater noida. Dr. Neelam Tomar giving best result in endometriosis by ayurveda treatment.

What is Endometriosis

Endometrial tissue growth outside the normal uterine cavity called Endometriosis. Its occur anywhere in the body such as abdominal wall, fallopian tube, ovary, rectum, urinary bladder, Episiotomy scar, pouch of douglas. Most common site for growth of endometrial tissue is ovary. Endometrioma/chocolate cyst is a condition when growth of endometrial tissue in ovary.

Etiology of Endometriosis

The Etiology of Endometriosis is not fully understood. Many theories given to explain endometriosis.

1. Sampson’s implantation Theory
2. Coelomic metaplasis
3. Metastatic theory

Cause of Endometriosis according to Ayurveda

As per ayurveda, endometriosis is caused by disturbance of Vatta,Pitta,kapha dosha in body. Vatta responsible for displace the endometrial tissue from uterine cavity to outside and pain during menstruation.Pitta caused inflammation at the site of endometriosis and kapha is responsible for overgrowth the tissue.

Symptom of Endometriosis

1. Lower abdomen pain
2. Pain during menses
3. Infertility
4. Premenstrual spotting
5. Heavy menstruation
6. Pain during sex
7. Backache
8. Pain during defecation
9. Painfull micturation

Complication of Endometriosis

1. Infertility
2. Rupture of chocolate cyst
3. Malignency
4. Infection

Endometriosis Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment of endometriosis focuses on balance of doshas in body. Ayurvedic herb and panchkarma processure help to balance the doshas and detox the body. At Shanti ayurveda clinic we are giveing you best result in endometriosis. More then Thousand of patient successfully treated by ayurvedic panchkarma and utter basti therapy. Dr.Neelam Tomar using one of best ayurvedic therapy utterbasti for gating such a wenderfull result in endometriosis patient.

Ayurvedic line of treatment of Endometriosis

1. Vata anuloman chikitsa
2. Lakhana chikitsa
3. Granthihar chikitsa
4. Shophhar chikitsa
5. Raktaprasadan
6. Rasayan chikitsa

At shanti ayurveda clinic we follow ayurvedic line of treatment for cure endometriosis with high success rate. Ayurvedic panchkarma therapy swaden, udvertan, nirhu basti, anuvasanbasti, utterbasti help to remove endometriosis.

Ayurvedic treatment for endometriosis by dr. Neelam tomar without any modern medicine give best result.

If you suffering with endometriosis, Fallopian tubel blockage, Infertility consult with ayurvedic gynaecologist at shanti ayurveda clinic.

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Patient Testimonials

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I am very satisfied with the treatment. Dr Ashok Tomar is very humble. I visited this clinic for Fistula treatment, which I was suffering from for the last 6 years. I came here in April 22 and now I am completely healed. Thanks to Dr Tomar and all staff members.

Ranjeet Tiwari

It was an satisfactory experience with Dr. Ashok Tomar treatment. Although it took some time still the treatment is absolutely fine . I’m much relaxed now. the staff at clinic is also great supporting and caring. Thanks to doctor Ashok Tomar and special thanks to the staff.

Manish Mazumdar

I was suffering from piles for a really long time and I had tried everything to get rid of this. I was feeling really helpless after taking treatment from Dr Ashok Tomar. I feel a lot better now and my bowel movement has become smooth.


I had tried for about two years to conceive with my husband without success. After seeing Dr. Ashok I conceived just after 3 months.

Kanchan Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

One can hardly doubt Dr. SK Singh's brilliance in his field. He is super experienced and highly skilled. My treatment, though long, was completely successful. Thats is the most important thing. The treatment might feel a little over the top if you are on a budget. There is certainly improvement needed at the staff level- especially at the billing and appointment counter. All in all if you have a (such) problem, Dr. Tomar has the treatment.


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