Hyperacidity Ayurvedic Treatment

Hyperacidity one of most common problem seen now a days in all age group. There is an increased acid production level in the GI or in a stomach is known as hyperacidity.

Digestive juice which breaks down food particles into the smaller form to get acidic digestion when there is an excess amount of HCL in the stomach causes the condition to arise.

In Ayurveda hyperacidity is correlated with Amalpitta or jatra Agni Dushti. At shanti ayurvada clinic hyperacidity cure by ayurveda treatment.

Causes of Hyperacidity

  • Due to lifestyle changes
  • Consumption of food which are incompatible for the body
  • Excessive intake of fast food,oily,fermented food,spicy food
  • Regular excessive intake of tea ,coffee
  • Excessive intake of alcohol
  • Smoking ciggrette
  • Hectic lifestyle
  • Mental stress
  • Unhealthy regime

These are important aggravating factor for the acidity in stomach. usually people take medications like nsaid and steroids and some vitamin supplements which has direct impact on gastric mucosa. Normally PPI,Antacid suspension they just suppress the problem, their prolong use can causes gastric erosion and ulceration.

Insufficient sleep irregular meals pattern leading to onset of Amlapitta and jatra agni dushti.


  1. Heartburn is the main symptom of acidity
  2. Sour blenching
  3. Stiffness in stomach
  4. lack of appetite
  5. Indigestion
  6. Constipation
  7. Bloating
  8. Hard stool or black stool
  9. Dysphagia


Long term or long standing hyperacidity mainly formation of ulcer in the GI tract which may again lead to the complications like perforation or heamodynamically unstable and even risk of developing carcinoma of GI


  • Stopping cigarette smoking and Alcohol
  • Avoid excessive salt,oily,spicy,sour foods.
  • Fatty food and caffeine/tea should be avoided.
  • No snack to be taken after the evening meal.
    Take adequate sleep and rest
  • Avoid fast and avoid overeat


At Shanti Ayurveda treatment of (Hyperacidity) “Amalpitta” follow these line of treatment

  1. Nidhan parivarjan- withdrawal of etiological factors
  2. Sansodhan- virechana is one of the ayurveda panchkarma therapies which is used for the treatment of pitta dushti it has great impact in the treatment of hyperacidity.
  3. Sansaman- By ayurveda herb neutralize the pitta dosha.

Ayurvedic Medicine used in Hyperacidity

  • Praval pishti
  • Shankh vati
  • Kamdudha ras
  • Sutshekhar ras
  • Arogyavardhini
  • Draksharista

Best Ayurvedic treatment for hyperacidity (Amlapitta) at Shanti Ayurvedic Clinic in greater Nodia. Dr. Neelam Tomar one of the best ayurvedic doctor for Hyperacidity.

Our team at shanti ayurveda clinic belives in treating the root cause of diseases. We treat hyperacidity by ayurvedic herb and panchkarma therpy (Virechan). Our ayurveda expert resolve your hyperacidity problem within short period without any side effect. If You are suffer with this problem (Hyperacidity) consult our ayurvedic doctor at shanti ayurveda.

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I am very satisfied with the treatment. Dr Ashok Tomar is very humble. I visited this clinic for Fistula treatment, which I was suffering from for the last 6 years. I came here in April 22 and now I am completely healed. Thanks to Dr Tomar and all staff members.

Ranjeet Tiwari

It was an satisfactory experience with Dr. Ashok Tomar treatment. Although it took some time still the treatment is absolutely fine . I’m much relaxed now. the staff at clinic is also great supporting and caring. Thanks to doctor Ashok Tomar and special thanks to the staff.

Manish Mazumdar

I was suffering from piles for a really long time and I had tried everything to get rid of this. I was feeling really helpless after taking treatment from Dr Ashok Tomar. I feel a lot better now and my bowel movement has become smooth.


I had tried for about two years to conceive with my husband without success. After seeing Dr. Ashok I conceived just after 3 months.

Kanchan Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

One can hardly doubt Dr. SK Singh's brilliance in his field. He is super experienced and highly skilled. My treatment, though long, was completely successful. Thats is the most important thing. The treatment might feel a little over the top if you are on a budget. There is certainly improvement needed at the staff level- especially at the billing and appointment counter. All in all if you have a (such) problem, Dr. Tomar has the treatment.


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