Leucorrhea Ayurvedic Treatment

Leucorrhea (White discharge per vaginaly) is a frequent complaint of women seen in the gynaecologic opd. Excessive vaginal white discharge in female is a major health issue cause infertility. Dr. Neelam Tomar assures best ayurvedic treatment for Leucorrhea. Excessive thick, sticky, foul-smelling white discharge stop the sperm movement and cause infertility. Shanti ayurveda clinic resolve your leucorrhea problem threw natural way.

Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

  • Leucorrhea ( Non-infective)- Non purulent, Non-offensive.
  • Infective- Purulent, Offensive, Irritant

Cause of Leucorrhea

  1. Physiological – Excessive vaginal discharge due to high oestrogen level such as during puberty and pregnancy, Around ovulation and premenstruation.
  2. Vaginal causes- Due to pelvic congestion, Uterine prolapsed, Retroverted uterus, Chronic pelvic inflammation and Ill health.
  3. Cervical causes- Chronic cervicitis, cervical ectopy, polyp.

According to Ayurveda

In ayurveda leucorrhea is known as swetapradara where sweta means white and pradara means discharge. Due to increase kapha dosha and imbalance of rasa dhatu cause excessive white discharge threw vaginal tract. We cure leucorrhea on the base of ayurveda principles at shanti ayurveda clinic.

At shanti ayurveda our expert gynecologist treat leucorrhea by ayurveda medicine and therapy.

Dr. Neelam Tomar giving ayurvedic herb and pancharma therapy (Yoni dhavan, yonipichu, yonidhupan) in leucorrhea.

Symptoms of Leucorrhea

  1. Excessive Vaginal discharge
  2. Foul smell discharge
  3. Abdominal pain
  4. Painful urination
  5. Weakness
  6. Vaginal Itching and burning sensation
  7. Stomach cramps
  8. Fever

Diagnosis of Leucorrhea

  • Vulval Inspection- white or creamy discharge
  • Speculum examination- Cervicitis, cervical erosion, uterine prolapse found per speculum.

Leucorrhea Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment for Leucorrhea we providing panchkarma local processure like yonidhavan, yonipichu, yoni dhupan, yoni varti and ayurvedic herbs. Dr. Neelam Tomar treat leucorrhea on the base of ayurveda principle such as sthambana chikitsa and remove the infection threw out the body.  Ayurvedic formulation improve the immunity of women and inhance the chances of infection.

Ayurveda Processure for Leucorrhea

  • Yoni Dhavan (douches) – Ayurveda herb decoctions are used for cleaning the vagina and remove the infection. Decoction made by ayurvedic herb such as triphala, Manjista, Nimb, Haridra and use after menstruation for 3-7 days.
  • Yoni Pichu (Tampoon) – cotton swab wrapped with gauze and tied with long thread. jatyadi tail pichu is very effective in the treatment for leucorrhea.
  • Yoni Dhupan – Application of dhupa (incense) around the vaginal track. Drug like guggul, yava, tila use for dhupan in Leucorrhea problem.

Ayurvedic Drugs for Leucorrhea

  1. Chandraprabha vati
  2. Triphala guggul
  3. Pushyanuka churna
  4. Bollbadha rasa
  5. Ashokaristam

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I am very satisfied with the treatment. Dr Ashok Tomar is very humble. I visited this clinic for Fistula treatment, which I was suffering from for the last 6 years. I came here in April 22 and now I am completely healed. Thanks to Dr Tomar and all staff members.

Ranjeet Tiwari

It was an satisfactory experience with Dr. Ashok Tomar treatment. Although it took some time still the treatment is absolutely fine . I’m much relaxed now. the staff at clinic is also great supporting and caring. Thanks to doctor Ashok Tomar and special thanks to the staff.

Manish Mazumdar

I was suffering from piles for a really long time and I had tried everything to get rid of this. I was feeling really helpless after taking treatment from Dr Ashok Tomar. I feel a lot better now and my bowel movement has become smooth.


I had tried for about two years to conceive with my husband without success. After seeing Dr. Ashok I conceived just after 3 months.

Kanchan Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

One can hardly doubt Dr. SK Singh's brilliance in his field. He is super experienced and highly skilled. My treatment, though long, was completely successful. Thats is the most important thing. The treatment might feel a little over the top if you are on a budget. There is certainly improvement needed at the staff level- especially at the billing and appointment counter. All in all if you have a (such) problem, Dr. Tomar has the treatment.


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