Fallopian Tube Blockage

Fallopian tubes are female reproductive organ two in number that connect with uterus and ovaries. Fallopian tube blockage are responsible for 25-35% of female infertility. If the fallopian tubes blocked pathway for sperm to get to the egg,as well as passage block for fertilization.

Causes of fallopian tube blockage-

  1. Pelvic inflammatory disease 
  2. Salpingitis
  3. Tubal Endometriosis
  4. Hydrosalpinx
  5. Peritubal adhesion
  6. Previous tubal surgery
  7. Endosalpingeal damage
  8. Post ectopic pregnancy

Diagnosis of tubal blockage-

  1. Hystrosalpingography(HSG) –HSG is a x-ray (Radiographic study) to detect the tubal potency,uterine malformation,to diagnose uterine synechiae,hydosalpinx,uterine fibroid or polyp.
  2. Ultrasonography

Ayurvedic treatment for fallopian tube blockage-

In ayurveda utterbasti is the best treatment for fallopian tube blockage,ayurvedic medicine prepare oil/ghee inserted intrauterine for removeing the tubal blockage.Also ayurveda panchkarma therapy and ayurvedic drugs use in tubal blockage patient and without surgery she conceive naturaly.

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